Full Circle Farming

Revolution Class A Compost comes from the first fully sustainable, certified organic soil farm in North America. We call our process 'Full Circle Farming'.

We start with an input of source-separated organics. We mature our product for 12 - 18 months in a semi-arid environment in the Central Interior of British Columbia. The combination of superior feedstock inputs, and an ideal climate results in the most contaminant-free, nutrient-rich compost available today. We have experienced first-hand that our compost eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers and dramatically increases water retention and crop yields - perfect for organic farming.

Much of our organic compost is used on our own organic farm to grow alfalfa and hops; however, a portion of our compost is available for sale to local wineries and farms. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of using our Class A Organic compost on your farm or winery, please contact us at: compost@wearerevolution.ca

We grow food from food.

What grows around comes around.

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