A Hotspot for Hops

British Columbia has become a hotbed in Canada for organic hop farming and craft breweries. Much of this is due to the Interior of British Columbia having unique weather attributes that allow for optimal growing conditions during the hops growing season from March to October. The rest is due to the commitment of organic farmers to build on the principles of sustainable growing practices - including methods that preserve the environment and avoid the use of synthetic materials, chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Revolution Ranch is a founding member of Organic Hops BC (OHBC) - a registered non-profit association committed to growing, supporting and promoting organic hops grown in British Columbia. It is a source of pride for us that we are a advocate for and member of an organization that oversees the certification and growth of such an important industry for our local farms and communities.

Each Fall, we have a new crop of beautiful, organic hops for sale to organic breweries looking for the highest quality ingredients to use in their products. Our Hops are grown in the highest quality conditions made even better by our own organic Class A Compost. Our use of optimal feedstock for input and taking the time taken to achieve full maturation, results in us achieving conventional yields for organic crops.

If you want to compare the certified ingredients in organic beer with the ingredients used in some of the mainstream beer brands, there are some great articles to read on www.organics.org.

Organic Farming is not just good for the earth - it's good for you.

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