Our Ranch

Growing A Viable Future

Revolution is 100% locally owned and operated. Our business philosophy is a simple one: everything we do must ultimately be of net benefit to the environment, our customers, employees, suppliers and neighbours. For us, these are long term, generational commitments. That is why we invest our own capital, own our own facilities and manage our own operations. We are not governed by the vagaries of a distant head office or the demands of quarterly stock market performance. Frankly, ours is the only way to assure responsible, reliable and sustainable performance over the long term.

Our Certified Organic Farm grows Certified Organic alfalfa that is in turn used in the production of Certified Organic milk and other dairy products in British Columbia. We also feed our herd of Black Angus and Longhorn cattle organic alfalfa as we grow our Certified Organic herd over the years as only Certified Organic farming practices allow. Recently, we have made significant investments to become one of the largest Certified Organic hops producers in Canada.

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