Waste Management Services in Burnaby

Revolution Resource Recovery is quickly changing the way Burnaby recycles and disposes of their food waste. We help local companies, businesses and even residential areas get rid of their waste in a way that gives back all valuable materials back to the earth. Instead of piling up a landfill, our Burnaby recycling programs will control waste in a more sustainable way.

Our Burnaby Waste Management & Recycling Services

Burnaby is well known throughout the Lower Mainland to have one of the most beautiful landscapes in the area. With beautiful parks and green spaces like the Burnaby Mountain Conservation area, Central Park, Confederation Park and many more, local residents know the importance of keeping waste where it belongs.

The city has already implemented both an Economic Sustainability plan and Social Sustainability plan, and Burnaby’s overall waste management plan has slowly began to change with it. Revolution Resource Recovery has developed specialized plans to work alongside these sustainability plans to help create a city that is as environmentally friendly as possible. This includes programs for recycling, organic food waste, hauling of materials, revitalizing organic materials, and much more.

Our Burnaby Waste Management & Recycling Services

At Revolution Resource Recovery, our passion lies in our desire to keep the environment healthy, and find ways to keep out landfills bare. We realize that many businesses of Burnaby and beyond turn to throwing out their spoiled, uneaten or unopened food items instead of taking the time to separate them from their packaging. This means that both the perishable food and the recyclable packaging ends up in a landfill, not being reused and repurposed. To ensure this doesn’t happen, we work to create simple, cost-effective solutions for everyone.

To learn more about our Burnaby recycling and waste management systems, or to receive a free quote for our services, contact us today!