Waste Management Services in Langley

At Revolution Resource Recovery, we’re trying to change the way that Langley residents choose to look at their waste disposal methods. Our goal is to help businesses, factories, corporations and more dispose of their waste in a far more environmentally friendly way than their current solutions. Rather than place waste in a dumpster to sit in a landfill, our innovative waste management in Langley can handle and process your recyclable goods on your behalf.

Our Langley Recycling Program

Here in Langley, residents are dedicated to keeping their community as clean and beautiful as possible. With over 65 local parks, connections to the Fraser River and the greater Vancouver zoo local to the area, Langley has more green space than much of the Lower Mainland. With this however, comes the importance of keeping this space green. In order to protect our beautiful greenspace, we must invest in more effective waste management and recycling initiatives.
Langley has a great deal of environmental sustainability programs in place for its residents and its businesses, including sustainable energy, transportation and water initiatives. This is why our Langley recycling program is such a great fit for the community, and helps to contribute to the local goals.

Why Choose Revolution Resource Recovery

Every member of our team at Revolution Resource Recovery is dedicated to giving back to the environment, and working towards a more sustainable future. We know that it can be difficult and time consuming to separate your waste from your recycling, or your food packaging from expired produce. Our technology can do this difficult work for you, and recover nearly 100% of all waste separated from compostable materials and recycling. From this, we turn food waste into organic soils, animal feeds and natural gases.

If you want to start disposing of your waste in a way that gives back to the environment and keeps landfills empty, contact us today!