All for One

We believe that every ‘waste’ stream is comprised of valuable resources that can be cost effectively recovered within our innovative systems and visionary
Resource Recovery Parks.

We believe in simple, cost effective resource recovery that is easily customizable to meet each customer’s needs.

We believe that every customer can achieve maximum diversion and resource recovery with the right training and support.

We are committed to building inclusive, collaborative solutions that will create green jobs and truly make a difference. We pledge to continue to be a voice for the people of the communities we serve.

In working together, we can reclaim our future.
Welcome to the Revolution…

EST. 1989

100% BC owned and operated with 27 years of experience solving complex recycling and disposal issues.

Our expert consultants will design a system to separate, collect and recycle your entire waste stream.

Got questions about Metro’s organics ban? Call us and we’ll help you sort it out.


Our consultants have the experience to objectively offer recommendations to keep each customer’s recovery plan as simple, cost effective, and effortless as possible.


We can provide a full range of equipment specifically customized to individual needs.

Hauling / Pick Ups / Service

From scheduled service for totes and bins to un-scheduled hauling of larger containers, we do it all.

Processing/ Sorting

Our Resource Recovery Parks are equipped to process organic materials and packaging using a revolutionary process that allows us to do the work and you to save money.

Full Circle Recovery

Our recovery rates are among the highest in North America, and we transform every scrap of organic material into their highest and best uses: valuable organic food ingredients, animal feed or natural gas. No one else can claim that. No one!