Waste Management Services in Lower Mainland Vancouver

At Revolution Resource Recovery, we understand that businesses and residents of the Lower Mainland are looking for new ways to reduce their environmental impact. If your organization is searching for Coquitlam, Delta, New Westminster, Abbotsford or Maple Ridge recycling and waste recovery services, we can design a plan that meets your needs. We offer the opportunity for our customers’ entire waste stream to be processed economically, efficiently, and in an eco-friendly manner.

Waste & Recycling Services Available in the Lower Mainland

We believe that all waste is made up of valuable resources that can be recovered and transformed into a number of useful products, including renewable fuels, organic food ingredients, compost and more! Our Resource Recovery Parks are the only licensed facilities in the Lower Mainland that are designed to accept all types of organic food waste, including materials packaged in plastic and compostable bags.
In addition to our organic waste collection and management services, we also provide state-of-the-art recycling services, allowing us to process cardboard, and even de-packaging of food and beverage products for maximum recovery.

Why Choose Revolution Resource Recovery?

Since 1989, the Revolution Resource Recovery team has been committed to innovation, always looking for better and more efficient ways to keep waste out of landfills and recover the valuable resources in all products we dispose of. Our recovery rates are some of the highest found across North America!
We take a consultative approach to designing a solution that meets your requirements, all while making your recovery plan as cost-effective and as simple as possible. The experts at Revolution Resource Recovery will work with you to achieve maximum recovery rates and process your recyclables in a proper manner.
Have questions about our waste management and recycling capabilities? Looking for a quote on your custom waste handling and collection system? Contact the team at Revolution Resource Recovery today.