Waste Management Services in Surrey

At Revolution Resource Recovery, our goal is to change the way that you see your recycling and waste management in Surrey. From large corporations to local businesses, hotels and schools, we help all surrey residents take a more sustainable, environmentally friendly approach to their Surrey waste disposal.

Our Surrey Waste Collection Program

Surrey is one of the few cities within a metropolitan area that is well known for its agricultural space, with over one third of the area designated as farm land. Because of this, it is incredibly important that there is an abundance of good soil, air and water. Both local and national businesses and corporations have begun to flock to Surrey for the initiatives put forward by the city to keep green business growing.
Our Surrey recycling programs have been designed with this information in mind, and seek to keep the local environment as clean as possible. We’ll work with your business to develop a waste collection plan that works best for you, from organic waste collection to renting of equipment and even waste audits.

The Revolution Resource Recovery Difference

At Revolution Resource Recovery, we want to make sure that Surrey waste disposal and recycling is performed as effectively as possible. With our state of the art techniques, we’re able to remove approximately 99% of food waste from its packaging. This means that almost all of the food waste that is created can be repurposed, and turned into organic soils or animal feed for local farmers. With this process, landfills are kept empty and waste can be turned back into something valuable.
If you’re interested in learning more about our waste management in Surrey, or would like a free quote for our services for your business, contact us today!

Surrey Resource Recovery Park

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Revolution Resource Recovery Parks are 100% locally owned and operated, offering our customers the opportunity to have their entire waste stream processed economically and efficiently at one central location.