Waste Management Services in Vancouver

At Revolution Resource Recovery, we’re passionate about making Vancouver waste management as environmentally friendly as possible, which is why we work to provide local businesses and corporations the innovative and eco-friendly options they need. Instead of simply tossing what is easily perceived as waste into a bin, our program for organics recycling in Vancouver will help you stay eco-conscious. With the recent ban on throwing out food scraps, our organics recycling program has become increasingly important.

Our Programs for Recycling in Vancouver

Vancouver is undeniably one of the most beautiful metropolitan areas in North America, with landscapes and green spaces that are envied throughout the world. Well known for our earth friendly lifestyle, it is expected that Vancouver residents will go out of their way to properly manage waste and recyclables where possible. Beyond residents however, it is imperative that businesses, corporations and hospitality focused enterprises adopt an equally eco-friendly business model and waste management solution.
Our organics recycling in Vancouver provides customizable programs that make waste disposal as easy as possible. Revolution Resource Recovery’s solutions include hauling, equipment rental, consultations and more to make the transition to more effective recycling in Vancouver as simple as possible.

The Revolution Resource Recovery Difference

We’ve been dedicated to finding alternative solutions for Vancouver waste disposal for well over 20 years, and are passionate about advancing our skills. Instead of filling up landfills, our goal is to repurpose as much of the waste we receive as possible; with our current system we can remove approximately 99.99% of all food from its packaging. From this we’re able to create organic soils for crop growth, animal feed for local farms, or renewable fuels.
Have questions about what our Vancouver recycling and waste management programs can do for you? Or, looking for a quote or waste audit to get you started on the right track? Contact us today!

Vancouver Resource Recovery Park

Revolution Eco-Parks are state-of-the-art facilities that offer sorting and recovery of all commingled recyclables and organic waste. Our Eco-Parks also offer de-packaging and recovery of expired / recalled packaged and bulk foods.