Recycling Services & Solutions

At Revolution Resource Recovery, we’re committed to finding the most environmentally friendly ways to work with waste and recyclables. Vancouver residents understand the importance of keeping valuable materials out of landfills, so we’ve developed industry-leading recycling services and solutions that work for local businesses and corporations. Our Vancouver recycling services are committed to increase overall sustainability and reduce the impact of waste.

Our Vancouver Recycling Programs

The goal of our city of Vancouver recycling system is to ensure that every resident, local business and corporation is as sustainable as possible. Our experts can customize a recycling collection program that solves your complex recycling and disposal issues, is cost-effective and works with your schedule.
When customers take advantage of our programs to recycle, Vancouver’s landfills will see a world of difference. Revolution Resource Recovery uses innovative recycling technologies to separate 99.99% of food waste from its packaging, keeping aside the valuable perishable materials. This waste is then repurposed, and turned into high quality organic soils, natural fuels and more. If you have items that are still in their packaging that you need to dispose of, we offer de-packaging services so you don’t have to do any of the dirty work! Items we accept as recycling include:

Bagged Organics

Revolution Resource Recovery Parks are the only licensed facilities in BC that have been designed to accept organic food material in plastic
and compostable bags. Our state-of-the-art facility enables us to process bags and organic material separately, allowing us unprecedented organics recovery rates of over 98%.


Our Resource Recovery Parks accept cardboard from our own customers as well as other service providers.

Sorted Recyclables

We accept sorted recyclables in many configurations and offer collection systems customized for each customer.

Unsorted Materials

We are often able to collect what was previously considered ‘garbage’ to be sorted, diverted and recovered as valuable resources.


Our technology also allows for de-packaging of all food and beverage products. This includes expired, recalled and excess packaged or bulk foods of any kind.

Bulk Foods

We accept all quantities of canned, boxed, plastic wrapped, or loose food- everything but glass.

The Revolution Resource Recovery Difference

Our goal at Revolution Resource Recovery is to change the way we look at food waste and recycling in Vancouver. For more information on our recycling in Vancouver, or for a complimentary assessment on how our services can work for you, contact us today!

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