What Grows Around Comes Around

Full Circle Organics is our revolutionary process that takes food from plate to farm and back to plate again, in a constant loop that essentially never ends.

Organics Collection

Changes in legislation across the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley have made it unlawful to dispose of food. We offer Complementary, Expert Waste & Resource Audits to help you sort and separate material at source and then we ensure it is processed to become the highest quality feedstock, put to the highest use possible. Our Resource Recovery Parks are the only licensed facilities in British Columbia to accept organic material in plastic and compostable bags. Our state of the art processes enable us to handle a variety of incoming streams while achieving unprecedented recovery rates.

Our Soil Farm

Our 10-acre Class A Compost Facility and Soil Farm is the result of an intensive, multi-year consultation design, approval and construction process. Our facility exceeds all regulatory requirements and its operations surpass industry best practices. Simply put, it is the best composting facility of its kind anywhere in North America.

There are five critical components to creating a World-class composting facility: Siting, Design, Environmental Protection, Construction and Operations and Controls. In an age of increasing liability and extended producer responsibility, it is important to assure that your composting partner is able to deliver a safe and secure process, assure their long-term viability and be able to adapt to provide those very assurances to you.

We have been the local choice for innovative waste and recycling solutions across the GVRD for almost 30 years.

Our Compost

Class A Compost - the only kind that our Soil Farm produces - is considered the "King of Composts". It is by far the cleanest and most broadly usable. The incoming feedstock for Class A compost is restricted by statute; yet we go further and - in part to maintain our valued Organic Certification - restrict our feedstock to only the highest and best inputs: source separated food scraps and yard trimmings. This premium soil amendment delivers a wide range of benefits to the land and is critical to the success of our Certified Organic Farms. If we couldn't get the nutrition from the Class A compost we create there, we could not conduct Certified Organic Farming on the scale we do. In addition to use at home, we now count some of the Province's most recognizable wineries and other Certified Organic farms as our customers and they pay us a premium for our compost, because it is the simply the best soil amendment money can buy.

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